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Acronis Backup 12.5 Update 3.2 questions

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Our current acronis backup (both management and agents) are on version 12.5.10330. We have two Linux VMs that they are running very sensitive applications and they have local acronis linux agent installed (also version 12.5.10330). We would like to upgrade the management server to v12.5.11010 while keeping above VMs at 10330. We have following questions:

1. do we have any known issue if we are running management at 11010 while we are keeping the agent at 10330?

2. How can I make sure that the older agents will not be upgrade automatically? 



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Hi Aldous,

1. In practice it's normal to run agents on lower build than the management server - there is backward compatibility. The only potential issue would appear if there was some new feature added which frontend is on backup console side (on management server), while the backend is on the agent side - in this case this feature can be set up in UI but it won't work since there is no support on the agent side.

2. The agents are not upgraded automatically in Acronis Backup 12.5 (there is an optional automatic upgrade in Acronis Data Cloud only), so once you're ready you can update them manually from Settings->Agents in web console UI (works for both Windows and Linux agents) or use mass update tool: (this tool is applicable to Windows agents only though)

Thank you.

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perfect. thanks.