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Acronis Backup Management Server down use-case!

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I asked the Acronis Backup Agent that when the Management Server is down, does the Backup job can still run with the Agent without the need of Management Server. And he/she said YES. But i wonder how Backup version information are managed and update (synchronize) to the new Management Server after bringing it back (via recover or newly install).

I'm very appreciated for your response :)




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Acronis Program Manager
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Hi Mikel,

The backup location contents are scanned for updates when you try to browse them from Acronis Backup interface, so it doesn't matter if the management server was down during backup - next time it is up and you connect to it via web console, the contents of the backup location will be refreshed. In other words the contents in the backup location are independent from the management server.

Thank you.

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Thanks Vasily, 

with your explanation i got it !