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Acronis Backup for virtual host v12 ... incredible file limit of 2TB

Thread needs solution
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hi to all,

we found (in our personal opinion of course) an incredible problem using the product.

In few words using the acronis appliance with local storage there is a limit when saving backup file that cannot be more large then 2tb.

The support explain us that the appliance uses the obsolete ext2 file system, wich is affected by this limitation. Support says that the problem is founded very rarely by customers. But we are a small farm and we have at least 3-4 virtual machines that are exceding the 2tb limit bakcups.

Actually is impossibile to bypass the problem using this appliance, there isn't the option to split backups in more then one file. As workaround the support suggest to use the windows appliance, so we can format in ntfs, and we are actually working on it. Of course this means: 1- more work to setup 2- hided costs because of the windows license 3- loss of performance as described on the manual. But how can be possible that a product made for enterprise purpose is affected by a so big limmitation in 2017?? worst that on the manual isn't mentioned, the message error when the problem occurs is too generic (space not sufficient), and for this reason also the support takes weeks to identify the problem. For us, it's really incredible and a really big limitation.

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We're increasing the limits for Locally Attached Storage (LAS) with each new version of Acronis Backup. For example in Acronis Backup for VMware and Acronis Backup 11.7 there was 2TB total LAS size limit. In Acronis Backup 12 the 2TB limit is applied to file size (thus it's per archive limitation), while the total LAS capacity can be up to 16TB. Note that 2TB limit will be reached only if you have a single large VM which contains ~2TB of data (for each individual VM its backups are stored in separate file/archive). In our experience when environment has such amounts of data per VM, it becomes quite hard to utilize LAS concept, because each LAS is tied to particular Acronis Agent for VMware (virtual appliance) and cannot be shared among other agents, e.g. it's not a centralized storage, but rather a storage designed to be used in small non-distributed environments only. Therefore we haven't seen such complaints too often, but nevertheless we're planning to set the default format for LAS to ext4 in future updates and thus get rid of the limitation (internal request ID: ABR-111272).

Thank you for the feedback - getting it helps us to prioritize such feature requests properly.

Thank you.

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The v12 products have been nothing short of disappointing.  We're long time customers and have nothing but issues all around with v12.


  • Issue #1: Cannot backup to local network storage on one of our servers.  Latest version of software (12.5 update 4) still did not resolve despite being told it would help.  Acronis 11.7 was fine.  Can’t use v11 format (that works still) since program reverts to “auto” after each full.
  • Issue #2: Cloud backup migration STILL has not completed.  We ended up backing up a server (300GB) from scratch.  That worked but took about 9 days.  Support has taken forever and our old backups never showed up.  Since Acronis “Fixed this” (for the third time), our backups started from scratch.  Complete waste of time.
  • Issue #3: Network speed to the Acronis v12 backup data center in Ashburn is abysmal @ 3Mbps!  When we run the Acronis Speedtest to Asbhurn, VA it’s still only 8Mbps!  Acronis v11.7 backups to v11 space at a decent rate.  Speedtest to that same region with other providers are returning 82Mbps upload speeds! 

The more I read post, the more I realize Acronis' enterprise products are in a complete nose dive.

Good luck -- we're shopping for new solutions.

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