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Acronis version 12.5 server cloud backups terrible slow

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Background: We've been Acronis users for close to 15 years.  Version 11.7 cloud backups were reliable for years, but the 11.7 product is end of life (sadly).  We've been wrestling with 12.5 for a couple months now with little success.  Support takes days to turnaround responses and has not offered any successful fixes or "solutions."  

Problem #1 - Acronis support could not migrate our 1TB of backups from v11.7 data center storage to the v12.5 data center storage.  We had to create new backups despite support telling us our old backups finally migrated (they never did).

Problem #2 - Version 12.5 cloud backups ran at VERY SLOW SPEED at about 3-4Mbps!  The Acronis speedtest to their Virginia data center only returned 7Mbps.  Other speedtest to that region returned up to 90Mbps.  Something is wrong with Acronis' data center network performance.

Problem #3 (not cloud related) - We still cannot backup some of our servers to local network storage.  If we use Acronis v11 backup format, they backup NO PROBLEM, but v12 backup fails.  They have no idea why and keep pushing new releases that do nothing more than change the verbiage of the error message. 


Very disappointing.  We're looking at other solutions after months of troubleshooting.

Anyone else have similar problems?  We have nowhere else to go as Acronis Support is largely useless.


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Hello SPAdmin.

We regret to know about your negative experience with Acronis software and services. We understand your dissatisfaction with highly delayed issue resolution. Please accept our sincere apologies.

However, we strongly recommend that you continue working with Acronis Support engineers on your open cases in order to resolve the issues. 

Your cases are updated and being reviewed by experts.