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Applying Retention Rules takes a LONG Time

Thread needs solution
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Am I the only person to see a Cloud backup finish successfully only to have the process followed by the operation in the Tray Icon tell me that "Applying Retention Rules (less than a minute remaining)"?  I believe this process is going through the entire Cloud upload and reviewing all of the files to see what has exceeded it's time to be in the backup set.

I started the incremental Cloud back at 7PM and now it is 9PM (2 HRS).  The actual incremental was done quite fast (about 6 minutes as I did not have hardly anything different to add to the upload), then the "Applying Retention Rules" process began.  So I have been doing "Applying Retention Rules" activity for nearly all of my time during the Cloud backup.  My "How Long to Keep" option is 12 months.

The snapshot of AB12 dashboard thinking it has failed at about 8:12PM this evening is shown on the picture attached.  See below.

Is this normal?  My current AB12 version is:

Web console service: v.12.0.2607

Backup management server: v.12.0.3622

Backup management console: v.12.0.6081


Chris Tocci

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