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Are former VSS snapshots included in backup to use previous versions feature after recovery?

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do Acronis backups actually contain all the VSS snapshots created before the backup has been executed?

I will put it differently: is it possible to convert the oldest backup to a VM, start this VM and use the "previous versions" feature of Windows Explorer to access file and folder versions that are even older?

If yes, what do I have to consider when executing this VM (e.g. do I have to set the machine date to the backup date to avoid VSS snapshots being wiped)?

Any hints or help would be very much appreciated.


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Hi Florian,

The Windows system restore points will not be preserved after recovery, since the hidden "System Volume Information" folder (where these points are physically kept) is always excluded from the backup and this default exclusion rule cannot be disabled due to historical reasons related to how backup workflows are implemented in Acronis code. There are plans to allow including this folder on the backup stage in some future versions, however there is no ETA we can provide at the moment (internal feature ID: ABR-71082).

P.S. Some more details are available in - it applies basically to any Acronis product which supports backing up Windows systems using agents running inside so it applies also to Acronis Backup (not only to Acronis True Image).

Thank you.

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Thank you, Vasily, for your quick response and clarification.

Best regards,