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Are remote 2nd Locations supported

Thread needs solution
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I would like clarification if remote 2nd Locations are supported in backup plans.

I have ABR12.5 Virtual edition install on my local LAN which is on / 24, I also have an IPSEC site-to-site VPN to a remote LAN on / 24 and while I can add the path to the NAS in the remote location (sometimes with difficulty) I am finding that the 2nd Location / Copy backup within the backup plan is extremely unreliable / slow / doesn't start at all.

The routing between the two LANs seem fine, if I drop into the shell within the appliance with CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+SPACE+F2 I can ping and traceroute to the remote NAS just fine, though I am seeing information scrolling up such as:

[268xx:267xx] load_file:94 /etc/modinfo.dump was reading (many lines, dozens per second)


mount: mounting on /tmp/.mnt_net_(random characters) failed: Permission Denied

When I issue a mount command, I see an entry for //[REMOTE NAS HOSTNAME] on /tmp.mnt_net_(different random characters not the same as the permission denied characters).

I can cd to /tmp/.mnt_net_(random characters) and see the directory structure of the remote NAS just fine.

I confirm that I have speficied correct credentials to the 2nd Location within the backup plan just fine.

If I run the plan manually, it never starts, despite waiting several hours.

If I let the plan run as schedule it does copy information to the 2nd Location (remote) but does not appear to be a complete copy.

Last nights schedules run and error was:

Command has failed. Command=Replication;
Operating system error: Resource temporarily unavailable"


So my question is: are remote 2nd Locations supported with ABR12.5 Virtual?

Confirmation either way would be much appreciated.




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Hi Christian,

Such issues should be investigated with help from our support team. In general the scenario you describe is supported. One recommendation which may help here to workaround the issue: instead of using appliance to perform backups replication, try to use some agent installed on Windows (for example agent running alongside the Management Server): go to Plans->Backup Replication->Create new plan and define some Windows agent to be used to replicate the backups; after that disable 2nd location option in original backup plan. It may help because of difference in network access methods used from appliance (which is Linux-based) and Windows (which should be more reliable) environments.

Thank you.