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I need to know how to use and where to install Backup 12.5 to restore a corrupted C drive. I was told it must be on an internal drive as opposed to the current c drive i had to install which is an external SSD that I had to use until I can get my original C drive back online. The original C drive had the program installed and my backups are on an external drive currently using drive letter G I am using Windows 10 Home 64bit and my system is an Alienware 17 R3 .  It doesn't make sense that you have to run the program from a drive which is corrupted without a healthy OS and therefore unbootable in order to restore its OS. -  

I have installed the program on the current external c drive but the installation fails to install agents and so I can't browse or recover from my backups. One other note, my backups are TIBX and not TIB. Will this be a problem also? 

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

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Hello WF,

welcome to Acronis forums!

do you have Acronis Bootable Media? Please create it and use it boot the machine to start recovering it's C drive.