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Backup task fails, can't find why

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Hi Guys,

I hope you can help me with the issue i'm having.

I configured 4 backup plans. Each of them backup to the same network folder.

2 of the plans run perfectly, 2 fail.

Here are the log files:

Server01 Fails

Server02 Fails

Server03 Succesfull

Server04 Succesfull


All tasks are run as administrator. I tried experimenting with the VSS settings, but no fix.

What else can i do?


Acronis Program Manager
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In both failed cases the root cause is in the default backup format which in some cases doesn't handle network dropouts correctly (the issue to be fixed in the next update; internal bug ID: ABR-128477). The temporary solution for this issue would be to create a new backup plan and set "Backup Options"->"Backup format"-> to "version 11". Note that a new full backup will be created after that.

Thank you.

Posts: 4
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That did the trick!