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Can Acronis 11.7 and 12.5 simultaneously use the same Cloud Storage account as a second location?

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We have an old Win server 2008 with Backup 11.7 running using using a local NAS as 1st location with replication to a second location which is a Cloud Storage account (500Gb). Works really good...

The old server is now being replaced by a new Win 2012 r2 where I just installed Backup 12.5 and it uses the same NAS as a local backup storage. I have not yet set up any second location and my question is if it is possible to use the same Cloud Storage account simultaneously with the one already running for Backup 11.7 ?

I really need both servers running for some time and I want them both to be secured with a local backup and a cloud one.



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Hi Lasse,

technically Cloud Stoarge for 11.7 and 12.5 are different and unfortunately you cannot use the same Storage simultaniously for 11.7 and 12.5.

The best option for you is to upgrade of 11.7 installation to 12.7. The setup program will detect your Cloud backups and migrate it to the new Storage. Alternativaly you can upgrade your storage and migrate backups as described here: