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Consistent backup with Lotus Domino and Acronis Backup 12.5 Advanced

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IBM Lotus Domino is not known to be capable of VSS, so this functionality can not be used by Acronis Backup to create consistent snapshots.
As I understand it, the backup software used must make backups using the Domino API to create a consistent backup. Acronis Backup does not control the API.
So my question is whether there is a way or a way to consistently secure a Domino server?

Our Domino is a VM and runs under an ESXi server.
We use the agents for VMware (Virtual Appliance).

Thank you.

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Since Domino Server doesn't support VSS, we'd recommend using start/stop scripts to have consistent backups of its databases. 

We already have a feature request to fully support IBM Domino Server Backup (internal ID for ref ABR-67261). I've added your post as a vote for the feature request. 

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One thing to try is to perform quiescing of the guest OS of the VM (which runs Lotus Domino inside) manually via pre-freeze post-thaw scripts supported by VMware Tools. Acronis Backup triggers quiesced snapshot of VM on VMware level which in turn will trigger the scripts execution automatically if they are defined inside the guest OS as described in These scripts should contain commands to bring the Lotus Domino DB into consistent state before the snapshot.

Thank you.