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Create Incremental backup without full backup

Thread needs solution
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Dear all,

Sorry, my questions maybe silly but I can't find any information on this.

If I setup incremental backup only, without full backup, is that the system will do automatically do the full backup on the first incremental backup?

Will there be any problem if I need restore file?

Best Regards,


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Hello Ivan,

Welcome to Acronis forums! In any backup scheme you choose the very first backup in the chain is always a full one, because a full backup version forms a base for further incremental or differential backups. Incremental scheme means every subsequent backup in the chain will store only changes to the data against the latest backup (Example: Every day, you write one page of your document and back it up using the incremental method. Acronis Backup saves the new page every time you run backup and won't create duplicate copies of other data you initially selected). As the consequence, you need access to other backups to recover data from an incremental backup, they all are interdependent.   

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In the backup job, I only setup incremental backup.

I saw that the first incremental backup size is as large as the full backup.

That's why I am wondering, if there is no full backup related, how will the incremental backup behave.