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Create USB Bootbale Media on devices > 32GB

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I know this has been discussed in the past but would be interesting to know if there any plans to allow a bootable USB media device to be created with a USB flash drive > 32GB.

I know that some UEFI BIOS will not boot to devices greater than 32GB, I assume therefore that some can. I am unable to try my hardware as Acronis Media Builder will not show the USB flash device inserted if it is > 32GB.

USB devices, that are very fast read and write, which I need for my solution, are not available in sizes < 64GB so I am stuffed. And I am sure that going forward it will be harder and harder to source flash drives in the smaller sizes.

Help please Acronis and and least let me create a USB boot device to test with.


Steve W

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Hello Steve,

thanks for posting on Acronis forums!

We do not have any official size limitation on flash disks for Acronis Bootable Media creation. However, please note that Acronis Bootable Media can be created on a removable media with the following file systems:

  • FAT16
  • FAT32

The major issue with devices greater than 32GB is the limitation of the filesystem FAT32.

The USB drive which you want to use as Acronis Bootable Media should be a flash drive. Some manufacturers release special utilities for flashing the controller of USB drives.

This USB drive should also be identified as removable in Windows:

Windows recognizes USB flash drives as removable devices due to the presence of a special descriptor bit RMB (removable media bit) on each of the devices.