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Delete machine from management server and storage node

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I have an issue where, when I decommission a Windows PC that is backed up by the management server to a storage node with deduplicated storage, I need to perform two tasks scripted/automated:

1) Remove the computer from the management server and backup plan(s)

2) Delete the computer's backups on the storage node deduplicated storage

On version 11.7 I used a SQL script to remove the computer from 4 tables across the acronis_cms and acronis_cms_cards databases. But on version 12, I don't know how to do this.

If it could be done with acrocmd.exe or a webservice call I'd like to know how. I've reviewed the acrocmd.exe help file and I don't see a command to delete a machine, only to add one.



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I have the same question as original poster here - is it possible to remove the computer from management server with acrocmd commands?

In command line reference manual I see only commands for adding a machine to AMS, not deleting/removing it.


Thank you


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Hello Lukas.

Unfortunately, deleting/removing a machine from AMS is not available in Command-line Utility.

I have registered your feature request (ABR-135402).