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Deleted Disk and File

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I have deleted my test virtual machine's .vmx and .vmdk file for recovery test. When I use start restore process, I have received : Activity 'Preparing for recovery of virtual machine' failed. The virtual machine configuration is invalid.Unable to load configuration file '/vmfs/volumes/5ab8cbe8-9a840c62-6e2ad06726ce46c2/test/test.vmx'.Cannot open file "/vmfs/volumes/5ab8cbe8-9a840c62-6e2a-d06726ce46c2/test/test.vmx": 2 (No such file or directory).

And Acronis remove my test pc from "Devices". Is same thing occur when I use recovery cd for restore process. (I cant use cd for this time because not necessary restart my physical host)



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Hi Arif,

we recommend for testing purposes deleting your test VM via VM Ware and then initiate the recovery with Acronis Backup 12.5.

The backup of your test VM contains its original location. Thus, when restoring this VM you will be able to restore it to the original location or select a new one.

In your scenario with a damaged test VM Acronis can't start recovery: VM Ware API detects its broken configuration, reports to Acronis Backup, Acronis Backup can't open this VM as a restore point. For the same reason, this machine is not listed in "Devices".