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Deploy Acronis Management Server on a Windows Domain !

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In the case that our IT System spread across 03 physical area (03 Data Center) and each Data Center we install a dedicated Acronis Management Server.

Is there any solution to cooperate all of the three Management Server into only one. In another word, can all three Management Server be managed by only one Server so that we can Manage and Control backup Job, monitor via only one dashboard console ?

PS: Is it recommended to deploy a Management Server on a Domain-Joined Windows Server ? What is the difference between Domain-Joined Management Server and the Workgroup Management Server ?

Many thanks for your reply :)


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Hello Mikel, 

This is currently not possible, but we have this feature in our backlog (item number ABR-130910) and are currently targeting it for an update of the product next year. 

As for your other question: I would recommend deploying the Management Server on a Domain-joined server. This will make things like user management, logon, push install etc.less complicated. 

Thank you! 

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Hi Igor,

Thank you for your information.

We look forward to the next update of the product next year.

Brs !