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Error during Exchange database backup

Thread needs solution
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Hi guys,


sometimes during a backup of an exchange database we get the following error message:

Backup ist fehlgeschlagen

DML: Object ' Root (Composite)
[Is (Common::String) = TaskExecutionWindowCurrentPreset]
DmlTimeStamp (__int64) = 9078144
ID (Common::Guid) = 4D2678D1-3636-429A-B73A-821D2D3E7A4F
[PrimaryKey (NIL)]
[Type (Common::String) = TaskExecutionWindowCurrentPreset]
Preset (Composite)
[Is (Common::String) = ConfigurationManagement::TaskExecutionWindowPreset]
[Version (unsigned __int64) = 40]
CpuPriority (Composite)
[Is (Common::String) = ConfigurationManagement::PriorityConfiguration]
[Version (unsigned __int64) = 40]
Priority (unsigned long) = 3
PresetId (Common::String) = high
Speed (Composite)
[Is (Common::String) = ConfigurationManagement::SpeedConfiguration]
[Version (unsigned __int64) = 40]
Mode (unsigned long) = 0
Value (unsigned long) = 100
' already exists.


Someone an idea whats the problem?

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Hello Daniel, 

welcome to Acronis forums!

Could you please download and paste here a full activity log with this error message for analysis?

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Attached you can find the log file.

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496418-166653.txt 203.62 KB
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Hello Daniel.

Thank you for providing the activity log.

Did you encounter this issue before updating to #12730 build?

I have found a quite similar issue with the same error message reported to our developers (TTASK-28555).

Could you please collect Acronis System Information from Acronis Management Server machine and from the server where Acronis Agent for Exchange is installed? 

Please open a case with Acronis Support Team  and provide them with both system reports, an exported backup plan (which results with this error) and a link to this forum thread with an issue ID for further investigation.