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https for 12.5.7970

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By default, after installing the management server, the connection to the console is via http.

In order to enable https for the management server I've modified %ProgramData%\Acronis\WebServer\config.xml changing to 1 the enabled value.

After changing and saving the file I've restarted the server and:

  1. https://server:9877 does not work
  2. http://server:9877 does work but I cannot "Sign in" with the adds
  3. When introducing login and password instead of adds login, I do get "Bad gateway" instead of the webconsole.

To troubleshoot this, I had to change the enabled value back to 0, reboot the server and then, everything went back to normal.

Any suggestions to enable https for the web console?

Thanks in advance.


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In Acronis Backup 12.5 enabling https is not supported yet. It was possible with v12, but not with v12.5 because of changes in architecture of components interaction. We plan to support it in the next update (Update 2) coming later this year (internal ID: ABR-125700).

Thank you.