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increase disk after backup

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I get the following alert:

Can not enable Changed Block Tracking (CBT) for this virtual machine because the machine has snapshots. For the details, see the "QueryChangedDiskAreas reports no error if VM has snapshot when enabling CBT" known issue at notes.html
To avoid this warning, either disable CBT in the backup options or delete the snapshots.

I checked the VmWare logs, and it shows that the snapshots created by the acronis backup have increased the virtual machine disk.
Example: a virtual machine with 6TB disk, after running the backup the virtual disk was 12TB.

I checked the acronis logs. the log returns the message quoted above. The log that says the snapshot has been removed.

My environment is a vmware 6.5 in cluster mode with HA enabled.
agent installed was VmWare ESXI.

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Hello Dionatha,

thank you for posting!

Acronis Backup 12.5 performs all operations with VMs via VMware API: it sends a command to create a snapshot and VMware API creates this snapshot. That is why in Acronis logs you see that this snapshot has been deleted. Why VMware API has not deleted it (according to the logs) should be investigated. 

You can ask VMware support or open a case with Acronis Support Team and share with them the VmWare logs along with Acronis System Report collected from the VA or Windows Agent where this backup was created.