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install "backup agent for vmware" on linux VM

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Hi, we are currently using Acronis Backup Agent appliance for Vmware. Is there any way I can build my own Linux (e.g. CentOS) and install the "backup agent for vmware" instead of deploy the ovf from Acronis? I can't find the installation image/package of "backup agent for vmware" for linux. 




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Hi Aldous,

There is currently no Agent for VMware (Linux) component provided separately. It comes only as deeply integrated part of Agent for VMware (Virtual Appliance) and it is also included into CentOS-based Acronis Backup Appliance (so-called all-in-one appliance) which is available as one of the initial deployment options, however there is no straight forward way to extract the agent and install it on a separate Linux machine. In your case I'd recommended to take a look at Acronis Backup Appliance which is in fact a fully functional CentOS 7 machine with minor modifications (additional Acronis-specific UI added).

Thank you.

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Thanks Vasily. unfortunately, Acronis built the Windows version but linux.