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Изменения в формате tibx c Acronis Backup 12.5 Update 4

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Совершенно случайно, при попытке использования старой версии Acronis Boot Media, удалось выяснить, что начиная с Acronis Backup 12.5 Update 4 изменился формат резервной копии tibx (проверялся файл с резервными копиями "всё в одном"), т.к. он не смог быть открыт.

Какие изменения произошли в формате tibx с выходом Update 4, т.к. в списке изменений про это ничего не сказано?

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Hi Yury,

There were some low-level changes to the format to optimize performance and fix certain issues. Several such issues are listed in the release notes, for example: [ABR-199955] Service_process.exe may crash during a backup if the backup format is Version 12 and the backup chain includes a large number of backups.

Note that while there is backward compatibility support, e.g. that all newer builds of Acronis Backup 12.5 can open/write backups made by previous builds, - there is no forward compatibility, e.g. we cannot guarantee that older builds can access backups created by newer builds.

Thank you.

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Hi Vasily,

So, if upgrade to update 4, what happen to the existing backup files. Will they be updated to new format or stay as the old format? So, due to the changes of the backup format and compatibility, I assume that we can't roll back to previous release once we upgraded to update-4, right?



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Hi Aldous,

The format of the archive container is defined at the moment of its creation and is not changed after that. In other words if the initial archive was created using Acronis Backup 12.5 Update 3 (or older), then continuing backup into it after update to Update 4 or later will not change the archive structure and you'll be able to perform recovery from such archive even using older bootable media (created with Update 3) and potentially can downgrade to Update 3 preserving the ability to recover from backups created by Update 4 (I wouldn't advise to do so in any case though).

As always you can perform recovery from any older archives using the most recent version of the bootable media (or agent which performs the recovery), e.g. backward compatibility is always guaranteed.

Thank you.