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Machine is offline for more than X days

Thread needs solution
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Hello everyone,

does somebody know if it's possible to adjust "time-out" value for stopping backups of offline machine?

To be more specific, I'm talking about this kind of message:

Machine is offline for more than 20 days
There has been no connection with machine 'xxxxxx' for 30 days. After 0 days, backups of this machine will be stopped. Please restore the connection with the machine to avoid stopping backups.


Is there a way (maybe a registry key) to change this value from 30 days, to 90 (for example)?

Thank you,

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Hello Brose,

thank you for posting!

There is no option to increase this value in Acronis Backup 12.5. However, if you find annoying getting these warning too often, you may disable email notifications with these warnings in Settings->System Settings-> Emal Notifications->Critical/Warnings.