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Missing folders in VMware - Acronis 12.5 and vCenter/vSphere 6.50

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I have an odd happening. As I have many sites that have VM's magically appearing, I prefer to setup all my plans via the VMware integration and to backup folders rather than individual VM's. I have been setting up my new Acronis server by installing 12.5 Build 9010 and it installs fine but when I go to either Devices or Plans (and create a new plan and select VMware -> VMs and Templates -> [vCenter name/IP] -> [Datacenter]) I don't see all the folders. Here is an example folder structure


  Acronis Virtual Appliances






These are all the folders I can see. I'm missing a Network folder and a Site folder but they were there before Acronis was installed. If I create a Test_Site folder in vCenter it shows up. If I create a Test_Archive folder under Archive It shows up but if I create a subfolder under Test_Site, it does not.

Now the weird thing is that the VM's in these folders are all there but I can't select the folders when creating the plan. This can cause problems as I have several hundred VM's at each site but not all need backing up. Any help would be appreciated.


Acronis 12.5 Build 9010

OS: Storage Server 2016

Browser: Firefox 58.0.2 64-bit

Agents: All VM's are backed up via Acronis Appliances. Verified successful connection to both Acronis server and vCenter. Service account in vCenter has been configured for both restrictive access (per Acronis KBA) and been given full Admin rights as a Global Permission during testing.

Hosts: ESXi 6.5.0 7388607

vSphere: 6.5.0 Build 5973321

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Hi Todd,

The issue are related to specifics of particular environment setup including: vSphere folders specifics, how the backup agents are set up: how many of them + where they are connected to, e.g. to vCenter or to ESXi host + are there any "units" used where you register some agents under child "units" on the management server. It may also be caused by specifics of Acronis Management Server database (some inconsistencies in it)

Also possible root cause is presence of offline agent registered on the management server (see Settings->Agents) - the vSphere infrastructure reported by this agent may conflict with this infrastructure reported by other online agents.

To properly troubletshoot the issue please contact our support team for assistance. Remember to capture system reports (see ) from both management server and the backup agents (appliances) connected to vSphere.

Thank you.