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NFS Location

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I would like to extend our Acronis 12.5 Environment with more diskspace to be able to store more archives on it.


My idea would be to export on a Server a NFS volume. In the Location tab on the Acronis Mgmt Server Dashboard i have seen that it is possible to add an NFS Location Folder as a location which can be used for storing archives.

Can you explain if there are some impacts if I am using this kind of Location?

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Hi Michael,

The main limitation associated with NFS locations is that they cannot be accessed by non-Linux agents (see link). This means that Windows agents won't be able to back up to this location or replicate backups from it, including Agent for VMware (Windows) and Agent for Hyper-V.

There is also another issue when using separate "Backup Replication" or other types of plans (except regular "Backup" plans) available from "Plans" section with Acronis Backup 12.5 Advanced license: these plans do not support NFS-based locations yet even if the plans are executed by Linux agents (internal bug ID: ABR-124879).

As an alternative you can consider using SMB or sFTP instead of NFS.

Thank you.