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The operation has been disabled by the guest operating system

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on every backup we have a warning for one specific VM (2008 R2 Domain Controller):


E00004E25: Fehler 0x4e25: The operation has been disabled by the guest operating system
| Ablaufverfolgungsebene: Fehler
| Channel: tol-activity#B42F2C9F-FE32-4125-95D2-81A7C55365F5
| Zeile: 0xc61573f663f5d7a4
| Datei: k:\13\enterprise\virtualware\raw\vmware\vixdisklib\vixdisklib.cpp:395
| Funktion: `anonymous-namespace'::LibHolder::PrepareForAccess
| $module: esx_srv_vsa64_7970


What does this message mean?

Which operation is disabled?





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Hi Dennis,

This error is returned from VMWare VDDK VixDiskLib_PrepareForAccess function which is used to prepare the virtual disks for opening them for read: see . In our code this function is normally re-tried several times which is Ok itself (according to Vmware, it's normal to re-try this function until it succeeds), but in your case the unsuccessful attempts seems to be not hidden correctly as they should. We're currently investigating similar report with our support and development teams to figure out why the warning still appears (internal ID: TTASK-20428), so I'd recommended you to submit a support ticket in order to properly track the resolution.

Thank you.