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Performance extremely bad, help me find the problem

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Hello everyone!
Backups are taking too much time so I think there must be some kind of problem with our configuration.

The backup server, also where the Acronis management console is installed, is fast: 6 core Xeon, 8GB ram ecc, RAID 6 with LSI card, etc.

Before going productive, we're backing up an infrastructure server (monitoring snmp, flows, etc) that doesn't compromise business. We could say this is a "test server" although is a real server.
The "test server" is an HP Proliant 180G6, same as most of our productive servers. Quad core xeon, 32GB ram, RAID 1 and single disks. Total occupied space: 400GB.
We ran this backup twice already, the first time was cancelled at 38% after 12 hours or so. Current backup is taking 21 hours 38 minutes and is arround 46%.

- All servers run windows server 2008r2 or 2012r2 Operative Systems.
- Our backup policies requires "full backups", once a day everyday.
- Backup is being made to a network share. Two switches appart from each server. Gigabit speeds. IN and OUT of business hours. Almost no load on those switches.
- If you copy a bunch of data from the "test server" to the backup server vía shared folder, you get a 110MB/s sustained speeds.
- CPU & mem usage remain low in both servers.
- Network usage in both servers is incredibly low, averaging 10 - 20 mbps speeds.
- Network usage between switches is very low, almost exclusive to the backup operation.

I don't know where to look. I don't seem to find any indicator of a problem.
Any input that could shred some light is welcome!





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We've recently got similar reports which are currently investigated by our support and development teams. The root cause there is the backup format defined in Backup Options->Backup format settings. To confirm you can create a new backup plan and set the Backup format to version 11 instead of default (version 12) and check the performance. In either case the proper investigation should be performed with our support team involved (please submit a support ticket).

Thank you.

Acronis Program Manager
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Also you can check the following thread where similar issue was solved by disabling multichanneling in SMBv3 server configuration.