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Poor storage node network performance

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I am currently demo'ing Acronis Backup 12.5 for my organization's Exchange 2010 backup scheme. However, I am experiencing particularly slow network performance when backing up to a storage node -- transfers seems to be capped at 250-300mbps. Whereas if I use a simple network folder location (on the same server as the storage node), the backup process will exhaust all available bandwidth on the nic. Am I missing some with regards to performance tuning with the storage node service?

The server that I am using for the storage node is dedicated with a 12gbps SAS/DAS shelf so disk performance is definitely not the bottleneck.

This matters greatly as our Exchange server contains more than 30 db's totaling nearly 3TB -- I would need monthly full backups to use all available bandwidth in order to complete in a timely manner.

My backup plan is set to 'high priority' with compression set to disabled as well.




Acronis Program Manager
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Hi Adam,

The speed in your case indeed seems to be slower than expected. In our local tests we were able to reach up to 600 MBytes/sec performance when saving backups to Acronis Storage Node managed location. Therefore the issue you've run into should be investigated with help from our support team. The possible bottleneck could be in type of created backup: if you're backing up not "Entire machine" with application protection option enabled, but "Exchange" items directly.

Thank you.