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Prevent backup consolidation

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We have a backup chain (file level backup) with one initial full backup and several diff backups. The initial is over 2tb in size, the diffs from 100GB to 400GB. If we try to delete one of the diff backups the activity in acronis stays on 0% for up to 8 hours until it fails with errors

failed to execute the command. consolidate backups

I know it won't be able to do consolidation because we don't have an additional 2tb of space on the backup storage, but why is it starting consolidation anyways? The diffs should only depend on the full backup which is still present.

The full backup is marked for removal by acronis because of retention rules (but has not been removed yet becasue this would require consolidation which, again, is not possible). Could this be why consolidation is triggered?

We just want to remove some of the diffs to free up some space, without backup consolidation. Is there a way to prevent this?


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welcome to Acronis forums!

A differential backup should have been deleted without starting the consolidation process. It could happen because your full backup is marked for deletion. As a workaround, I would recommend that you find another temporary storage where you could create a new full backup, then delete the whole backup chain from your current storage location, transfer this new full backup back to the original storage and create a new backup plan with incrementals.

In order to investigate and resolve this issue with stalling deletion process of a differential backup, I strongly recommend that you contact Acronis Support Team