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Problem with Acronis Backup 12.5. manuell and scheduled backup 0 sec but finished

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I have a problem with my backup. Manually and with time plan. If i start the backup manualy, it finished after 0sek with status Backup ok. but there isnt any backup. I tryed to make a new backup plan. same problem, but only with one workstation. the other servers and workstations in this plan backups fine. Some ideas? The installed backup client is online and active, same Version like the others. i tryed different storage places, nas local-file system. nothing works.


thx  a lot

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Hello Christian,

welcome to Acronis forums!

This issue can be caused by the incorrect or unfinished installation of the snapapi driver on that workstation.

In order to check this, please create a backup plan for this workstation and try to select disks for backup there (not the entire machine). If there are no disks available for selection, then please collect Acronis System Report from this workstation and upload it to an FTP link that I've sent you in a Private Message.

Otherwise, please follow troubleshooting (for Windows) part of the respective KB article and also upload the logs onto an FTP link.