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Problem Virtual Host license assignment in Hyper-V clusters

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We have three Hyper-V Clusters and each cluster has 2 Hyper-V hosts. For each Hyper-V host we have a Virtual Host license .. but somehow the licenses for the hosts are "automatically" unassigned. After they are unassigned backups remain running for a while but then fails (error : A license is required. One or more machines are not assigned a license).

After I reassign the license the problem is fixed for a few weeks but then reoccurs.

Anyone else has this problem? .. 

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welcome to Acronis forums!

We recommend that you open a case with Acronis Support Team who will investigate this issue. Please collect Acronis System Report from the server right after a license gets unassigned from it (right after this issue is reproduced) and another one Acronis System Report from the same server when the license is assigned to it. Then please share both reports with Acronis support engineers.