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Replicate full backups on tape

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I have the scenario:

All backaps are only inremental to disc vault.

I want to once a month replicate full copy to tape.

There is an option in replicate: Replicate only last backup.  The replication will be only last incremental chunk or full state of the machine for this day.

Is it a way to replicate full backup for a day once a mont in incremental backup? I can't made next full backups to disc because i have no place on vault



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Hi Marek,

The replication option you refer to will replicate the data which corresponds the last recovery point in the source (disk vault) location regardless of the type of it (full, incremental or differential) - it will pick up all the data required to perform recovery from that recovery point, so if the target destination (tape in your case) didn't hold any backups, there will be full backup replicated which is reconstructed from the last recovery point even if it was incremental/differential. In other words there is no need to schedule another full backup creation in the primary disk vault.

Thank you