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Restore cloud backup to another server?

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we are using 2 acronis cloud backup solutions for 2 of our servers.

We do have 2 backup servers also. (clean servers in case something happens) So when our main server crashes, how an can I restore the image to my backup server which is a clean server?

What do i have to do? Do i have to have same linux there? How it works? Thanks!

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ANy ideas?

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Hello Marc,

welcome to Acronis forums!

You can initiate Recovery either from Acronis Web Console or from Acronis Bootable Media.

However, in case when you need to restore your system to a different/new hardware, you should select recovering from a previously created Acronis Bootable Media. There is a special tool Acronis Universal Restore which would prepare your server to boot from the newly deployed operating system. You do not need to have any Linux previously installed there.

Please read this how-to KB article with more detailed instruction.