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Very dissapointed with Acronis Customer Service.

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I'm experimenting issues with Acronis 12.5 Advanced for Windows from last 28th of february. At the beggining, I was just receiving each day several error messages saying that the backup wasn't done. It seemed to be a false alarm, but Vaniya Karakasiyan, an Acronis Expert Support Engineer, told me to edit the alerts.config file. I answered that it was impossible because I get an "access denied" message while trying to save the file. So Vaniya said I must disable the MMS service, I did and still I couldn't modify that file and, the most important thing is that the MMS service was not able to restart again, so Acronis is not working from 28th of february. So I have no backup of my host server and three virtual machines attached.

I've sent several messages and I get no answer, also sent a new one to the last customer service agent and I get the silence for response.

Since I didn't have any solution from Acronis, I restarted my host server allocating three virtual machines in production (stopping sixty users and after waiting for Windows to apply the updates it always has when you want to turn it off), the result was the same. The MMS service does not want to start.

I'm paying the maintenance service, it's not for free.

I thought that Acronis' customer service should at least respond to me by saying that they were analyzing my case or something else, but the reality is that I haven't had any response from them and my network infrastructure is still unprotected.

So I recommend to not pay for the maintenance because it's useless.

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welcome to Acronis forums!

We regret to know about your negative experience with Acronis Customer Service. Thank you for bringing this situation to our attention. We have escalated your case to support managers level. You should receive a response shortly.

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Finally all is working again.

Support team said I should delete the extra "alerts -*.config" files automatically created by Windows after the impossiblity of editing the original alerts.config file. So I did and after that I could manually start both MMS and Agent services.

It's so weird that some Acronis services are unable to start if there are more than one .config file in that folder.