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Exchange Active Restore from Storage Node?

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Hello Everybody,

i have a simple Question, is it possible to use Acronis Active Restore for Exchange when you store your Backups on a Storage Node?

I just tried to make a Testrestore and the Function Acronis Active Restore was available, but I´am not sure if its possible to use it because as I know the Backupstore has to be local that you can use Acronis Active Restore.

Thank you

Best Regards


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Hi Artur,

The only supported archive location is a local drive, or more precisely, any device available through the machine’s BIOS. This may be Acronis Secure Zone, a USB hard drive, a flash drive or any internal hard drive.

If the storage node and the centralized vault are installed locally, then you should be able to make a recovery using Acronis Active Restore.

Here you can find more information about this option.