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Exchange 2013 Not possible to see or recover single E-Mails

Thread needs solution
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Client lost some important E-Mails on Exchange 2013.

I tried to recover them but the search allways stops when I try to open a folder like "Inbox" for example.

I only see "Error" with following content

Acronis Knowledge Base:

Ereignis-Code: 0x005B001B+0x015D05E9+0x0000FFF0+0x8E5E0FA1

First Code 005B001B brought me to a FAQ which told me to put two DLLs (ese.dll and msvcrt110.dll) from the Exchange Server to a folder "ESE" under Programdata\acronis, when the managementserver is not the Exchange Server 2013.

I did this but it was no help at all. Same Errors.

Any help out there?


Rainer Kieninger

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Hello Rainer,

Thank you for your posting! Could you please attach the whole error message and a screenshot illustrating the issue.