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Simplified DAG?

Thread needs solution
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Does Acronis support Exchange 2013 Simplified DAGs that do not have a DNS name or IP address?

I can't get backups to work.  I get an Error Code: 262.  There is absolutely Zero search results for this error.  I can see the DAG from AMS and pick the databases, btw


Error code: 262
Module: 91
LineInfo: 3da791ddb8f77632
Fields:  $module : arx_agent_fork_vs_44421
Message: Failed to find acceptable Microsoft Exchange servers in the cluster to perform the operation on database or storage group 'MDB01'. The following cluster nodes were available: Active copy: ''; Passive copies: ''. The last error:

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Hi Ashmite,

you should contact the Acronis Support Team directly since Simplified DAGs are not very common, yet (guess that at least).

It looks like no database copies are discovered as Active and Passive are emtpy.