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Low backup performance on Exchange 2013 using Acronis Backup Advanced 11.7

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Hi Team

We are facing a peculier issue of slow backup performance as low as 5MB/sec while backing up through dedicated backup channel of 1Gig. Both source and destination is having SSD HDD. Any options to increase the performance.

Source : Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Std - Microsfot Exhange 2013 

Destination -  Shared Network Location






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Hello Alex,

Welcome to Acronis user forums! Are you using the latest build? If not, I'd install the latest available update as the first step. Could you please attach screenshots showing the backup settings (type of backup\vault type\backup scheme). Database-level backup will be much faster than File-level backup. Have you checked Windows Event logs? Are there any VSS related entries? Are you using a centralized managed ot unmanaged vault? Could you also attach a log from the backup operation, so that we can check how much time takes every stage. 

Thank you,