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recover mail pst exchange 2010 acronis 11.7

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hello, I need help, I have a direct copy to tape of my exchange 2010. I need to recover only 1 mailbox in PST, but when I want to do it, it tells me that from the tape device I can not extract an export. Export a file to a local disk but do not have it seen by acronis. someone helps me or tells me how to proceed. Thanks

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Have you already exported your Exchange backup to a local drive? If yes, but the backup is not recognized by the product, you'll need to click on Refresh in the location view (Refresh operation recollects the metadata for the backup archive, which allows the .tib file to be recognized by the software)

Alternatively you may want to rescan the tapes containing backup of Exchange with the enabled option "file recovery from disk backups stored on tapes". This will allow you to perform granular recovery from tape backups.