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Backing Up to iscsI Possible?

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Is it possible to back up to a iscI Location, or do you have to mount the volume through windows server First, assigning a Drive Letter? And if you do have to mount the target would formating the iscsi in ntfs cause issues when using PXE boot, since you are loading a linux enviroment?


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Hi Leon,

here I am answering your questions.

1. Under Windows it is possible to specify a share or an external drive as a target, if it is correctly recognised under OS.

More information about backup targets you will find in this article.

2. If you are booting the machine from the PXE server or a bootable media here you can find information to configuring iSCSI and NDAS devices.

These devices are connected to the machine through a network interface and appear as if they were locally-attached devices. On the network, an iSCSI device is identified by its IP address, and an NDAS device is identified by its device ID.

I will be happy to answer any questions you have.

Thank you,