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Question On Licensing

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I need to purchase a copy of acronis to backup a database on a windows server. I do not need the server backed up at all. JUST the database.
If i purchase just the MS sql backup package, do i need to own a regular acronis backup license too, or will it successfully backup my database without the additional purchase.
I am finding a few different versions here and am confused on what needs to be purchased. i never got a call back from my local rep, and need some help quickly.

Basically, have MS SQL Database, whats cheapest way to back it up using acronis software to be properly licensed

Thanks Everyone

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Hi Michael,

Welcome to Acronis Forum! I'll be happy to help. I would suggest you Acronis Backup Advanced für SQL: with this product you will be able to recover an entire SQL Server (either locally or to a remote location), individual items (such as a specific SQL database), or granular data (such as specific tables and views). Please note, that the backup of SQL is possible only as a part of the backup of the entire system, granular backup is not supported. Thus it is not possible to install an Agent for SQL without an Agent for Windows. Here you will find more information on protecting Microsoft SQL Server with single-pass backup.

Thank you,