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Using Backup Advanced 11.5 SQL on a normal Workstation

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Hi forumers,

I have read and understood that Acronis Backup Advanced SQL 11.5 can do a full system OS and SQL recovery on a windows server machine.

But can it also do the same on a normal workstation/pc which is running on a normal OS say Windows 7/8/10 and without an SQL server running?

I know the recommendation would be to run using eg. Acronis True Image or Backup for PC, but in the event I have already purchased a license for Advanced SQL, can I use it to backup a PC as well?

Perhaps someone can (if possible) put in simple explanation whether it can/cannot be done and why. The reason is my company management is looking to purchase Acronis but questions is it really necessary to have a separate version for different PC's/Servers.

I hope my question makes sense. Appreciate the feedback.


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Hi Darren,

Thank you for your posting! Agent for SQL can only be installed on a machine running Microsoft SQL Server, thus the license of Acronis Backup Advanced SQL 11.5 cannot be used on machine without SQL-databases. But itäs possible to split this license into Acronis Backup Advanced for Windows Server and Add-on license Acronis Backup Advanced for SQL and use only Acronis Backup Advanced for Windows Server on this particular machine. Please create a support tickert for that.

Thank you,

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Thank you Ekaterina!

That was very helpful