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Single pass for SQL license available when connecting to the machine directly, but not through the Management server

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So we have a license for SQL single pass backup, it's assigned and installed all is good.

From the local machine the license works, but if I try to do the job from the management server, it says there's no license available for SQL for this machine (the same one) and to buy one.

The license is there!

On that machine I have 2 jobs. One locally (where the license shows up ok) and one coming down from the management server (which says I actually don't have a license).

Am I doing something wrong? I would really prefer to do the single pass backup from the management server because that has a different destination and so on. The local job is just a secondary precaution.

Thank you.

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thank you for your posting! I'd make sure that all components are no the latest build to avoid any compatibility and connection issues and try to re-assign the license once again. If the issue still persists, please let us know the build number used and a couple of screenshots showing the license assignment status.