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Acronis Backup Advanced for VMware and VTL and Tape Library

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Hi Good day!..

My scenario/setup is this:
I have a server (Backup Server) with attached HP StoreOnce and configure as VTL and at the same time it also attached Tape Library. This connection runs on Fiber connectivity.. The backup server have 2 FC card installed and attached to the SAN switch. Same with the StoreOnce and Tape library attached to the SAN switch. And then, I install Acronis Backup Advanced for VMware.
I install all acronis components to the Backup Server meaning also include the storage nodes, sql express, etc. After that, I connect to AMS which is the backup server and configured storage nodes which is also the backup server. And then, I created a vault under the centralized vaults which is for example for VTL = VTL-Vault and for Tape Library = TAPE-Vault. After that, I created a Backup Plan then choose to backup for example is VirtualMachine1 and then the choose where to backup is to VTL-Vault and then I want to replicate (2nd Location) to TAPE-Vault but the problem is I have NO choices to replicated once I choose VTL-Vault.

VLT-Vault and TAPE-Vault are configured under 1 centralized vaults under 1 storage node which is Backup Server.


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Replication from tape vault is impossible even if it is a 'virtual' tape library.