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Datastore as Backup Storage

Thread needs solution
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An customer of us wants to use an removeable harddisk in his esxi host for storing the backup files that are created by acronis. Its because of the higher transfer speed as there is no lan involved. Is this possible ? Except the possibilty to use the virtual appliance and to add an virtual drive to the appliance that is located on the removeable disk ? The handling of the appliance is too complicate for the user.
Any idea is welcome.

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Hello JoachimBadzong,

Thank you for posting your question in our forum. I am happy to assist you, solving the question.

Find in this online help theme related information about lan-free backup methods.

When using Acronis Backup & Recovery 11.5 Virtual Edition for vSphere you can use a removable drive when backing up to a personal or not managed centralized vault. However, I do not recommend this. The first destination should be a fixed disk system. For your removable disk, you can use the replication feature in order to copy the backups to this destination.

Let me know if you need additional help please.

Thank you.

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Hi Joaqim, how did this work out for you? Just curios here.