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[Fixed] vSphere 6.0 critical CBT issue

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Acronis Program Manager
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Dear Acronis customers,

There was a major problem discovered by VMware which affects Changed Block Tracking (CBT) functionality on vSphere 6. It has been discovered and documented by VMware in KB2136854 . 

This problem affects all VMs running on ESXi 6.0: the incremental backups of these VMs may not be recoverable. There are no viable workarounds for this problem except for either downgrading ESXi host down to 5.5 version or disabling CBT option in backup settings of Acronis Backup (Advanced) for VMware. Note that taking incremental backups will take longer with CBT option disabled, however the size of them will still be "incremental".

[Fixed]: VMware has released a patch with fix for this issue. See KB2137546 .

Thank you.


Best regards,


Acronis Virtualization Program Manager

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