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Acronis VM back spikes datastore usage and appliance CPU

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Hi, We are running a trial of Acronis advanced backup for our vmware env and it is doing somethign wierd. We are backing up a machine with vmdk's spread accross 5 different datastores. One of them is our database drive which is roughly 2tb and it sits on a datastore that has extra 1.8tb still free. When it is backing up that system we see an alert popping up in alarms that datastore is low in space. When we check it takes it down to under 100gb but then it frees it up. We dont see anyhting running in tasks in vsphere so we cant tell what it is doing. At similar times we'll see the agent running on that host spike cpu usage to 100%. 


What is causing this behavior? how to prevent it?


we had an issue that the same datastore ran out of space and snapshots got stuck. VMX file was already reconfigured to boot into snapshots which were never created due to lack of space and a system was down unitl we manually fixed the vmx file. thankfully we have been treating this as our testbed and it all happaned during our maintenance hours so no harm was done but this cant be happening when the software goes into produciton, if we end up going with it.

any advice would be much appriciated.

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Acronis Program Manager
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Hi Alexey,

The space may be taken by snapshot files generated on the same datastore. From your description it's unclear though where snapshot files are placed when a snapshot of the VM is taken (I assume these files are not in the default .vmx folder and the snapshot path was changed as described here). The problem needs to be localized first - most likely all these problems are simply caused by the snapshot presence so you can simply try creating quiesced (quiesced=on, memory=off) snapshot of the VM and check whether you see the same symptoms, if not then contact our support team for further assistance. Remember to attach the ESXi host system logs to your request along with the system information from Acronis Backup (Help->Collect System Information).

Thank you.


Best regards,


Acronis Virtualization Program Manager