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AMS Service causing Windows Server 2008 R2 to BSOD with 0x000000F4

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We have a VM running Acronis 11.5 for Hyper-V that has been stable for several months.  Starting last Thursday 2/11 the VM  started to BSOD every 5 to 10 minutes.  After troubleshooting, we've determined that if the Acronis Managemnt Server Service is started then the machine will BSOD with error 0x000000F4.  If the service is stopped, the machine is stable and the BSOD'd do not occur.

We thought this was tied to Microsoft Updates that were installed the night of 2/11.  We uninstalled these updates but the problem still occurs.  We have since reinstalled the updates and the BSOD's still occur.

There is no errors in the event log and the AMS Logs just show that the service has been started.  We also upgraded Hyper-V to the latest revision.  

Has anyone seen this behavior or have any advice?

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The 0xF4 BSOD may be caused by various reasons including hardware failure (RAM or disk controller). You should contact our support team for assistance with the issue so that we can investigate and analyze the root cause. Remember to collect Acronis system report outputs (see + - for standalone version of AcronisInfo utility) and the crash dump (see

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