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Restore Physical Backup to Virtual Environment

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Hi all,

I have a relatively simpel question. Which Acronis product do I need to restore a .tib created on a physical (no virtualized) machine directly to a VMWare ESXi server? So I'm able to restore hardware independent in case of a bare metal recovery. Thanks!

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Acronis Program Manager
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Hi Frits,

In fact there are multiple Acronis products which allow you to accomplish the task. Here are a couple of examples:

1) Acronis Backup for VMware provides ability to create a bootable media which can be used to capture an image of physical machine and then restore it directly to ESXi host. Note: if you have a .tib file created already then as long as it was created by Acronis Backup 11.5 or earlier version it will be supported by Acronis Backup for VMware (Acronis True Image Home archives are not supported).

2) Acronis Backup for Server also allows you to create bootable media which you can boot a pre-created VM from and perform recovery of your existing .tib. There is an option to apply Universal Restore after recovery so that the system becomes bootable. This process is the same as for system migration between 2 physical machines (VM will be considered as physical one).

If you need to have this migration process automated - for example regularly capture an image of physical machine and convert it to a VM without having to boot it from bootable media (direct recovery), then you can check Acronis Backup Advanced for VMware product (a separate license for physical machine will also be required).

The product choice depends on the exact scenario you require + which Acronis product was used to create the original archive (.tib) + whether the migration will be 1-time only operation.

Thank you.


Best regards,


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