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Failed to open the archive for writting

Thread needs solution
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Hi All,

Is there anyone encounter this issue and error message as below:

Failed to open the archive for writing.
Additional info: 
Error code: 3
Module: 64
LineInfo: f440d05d16e0fd5f
Fields:  path : bsp://, $module : disk_bundle_tape_off_glx_pic_44421
Message: Failed to open the archive for writing.
Error code: 181
Module: 39
LineInfo: d5499ae2fae445bd
Fields:  $module : storage_server_vsa64_44421
Message: Error while processing metadata in the database.
Error code: 620
Module: 64
LineInfo: 6a1198d1b8be2c1d
Fields:  $module : storage_server_vsa64_44421
Message: Archive data is invalid.
Error code: 7
Module: 357
LineInfo: e081e9ea390f6b34
Fields:  $module : arx_asn_vsa64_44421
Message: The archive stream format is not recognized.

Appreciate if can help me out on this. Thanks in advance.

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Acronis Program Manager
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Hi David,

The issue is related to Acronis Storage Node database of managed vault on tape issues (possible corruption). Such problems should be processed with help from our support team as typical fix involves manual adjustments to be made in this database. Please contact our support team for assistance.

Thank you.