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First time Deployment

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Hi All 

I'm relativley new to Acronis Backup Advanced we have a customer who has 

4 X hyper-v hosts
1 X phisical server

All of the above are running server 2012 

Looking at the Acronis Information I found online the Best practice seams to be to install the AMS  & ASN on two seperate phisical machines.

As I'm also backing up SQL Databases from the Hyper-v VM's the Acronis Documentation is saying to install an agent within the VM running on Hyper-V 

So my questions are as follows 

1, whats the best way of backing up the Acronis Management server and the Storage node as these both have databases that I'm assuming I dont want to lose in the event of hardware failure.

2, can I just install one agent in a VM per Hyper-V host and this will deal with all VM's on that host or do I need an agent per VM as these will have things like SQL & Exchange running on them


Thank you in advance for your help 


Kind Regards 



Acronis Program Manager
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Hi Martin,

1. Since both AMS and ASN are installed on physical machines, the proper way would be to install Agent for Windows inside these machines and perform full machine backups. These backups should be stored obviously somewhere on a network share since in case you use ASN with local vaults - it doesn't make sense to include these backups into ASN machine backup.

2. You can install Agent for Hyper-V onto the Hyper-V host and perform agentless backups of all VMs which are running on this host. However for Exchange/SQL protection (for ability to perform granular application items recoveries) you'll need to install Agent for Exchange/SQL inside these VM and protect the corresponding application data separately.

Thank you.